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Racing Pigeon Videos
I have many different pigeon videos in DVD or I can get them in VHS cassette for you
The videos and DVDs can play in USA and outside of USA, in any other countries
I have them in many different languages from all over the world and they are about many different breeds
I have videos about racing, showing and performing breeds
Most of these DVDs are RARE & DELETED
Pigeon companies can't even come close to my DVD prices, because I sell my DVDs very cheap when you compare the price to the pigeon companies
I would also like to trade or buy pigeon videos or rings or anything about pigeons. Ask your friends if they have anything or if they want to buy from me
The more of your friends buy from me, the more free pigeon DVDs you get from me or other great offers
I have like a pigeon museum down in my basement, I have anything about pigeons
Books, magazines, cards, rings, prints, etc
These are from all over the world
I have pigeon magazines from the 1800's and rings from the 1900's
I collect pigeon rings, books, magazines and posters of any kind of pigeons. I also have more than 70,000 digital pictures of all the pigeon breeds around the world, breeds you have never seen before and you thought never existed
If you buy more than one item from me I will lower the price and the post is free
The more you buy the more you save
These videos would be great for gifts, or if your club wants to start their own pigeon video library
The number of the videos I have right now changes, because I am getting new pigeon videos everyday
My address is:
My email: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
My phone number where you can call me anytime:
I have paypal so the money will be secured and I can accept any kind of payment
I can find you anything about pigeons
I also have fishing and hunting DVDs and canary DVDs
Nobody in the world has this many videos on pigeons or any pigeon
Company. I have the biggest pigeon video collection in the whole world
Remember languages: I can tramslare all my DVDs in Russian and Polish
Most of my DVDs are in English but I also have DVDs in Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Serbian, Spanish, Russian and Polish
Oldest Feathered Friend - This is the very best in videos on the hobby of the pigeon hobby and covers all types of show pigeons as well as racing pigeons. A must for the pigeon fancier or one interested in this fascinating hobby
Marathon In The Sky – A thrilling look at one of the world's most exciting, least-known sports. Homing pigeons compete by the thousands in races on every continent, flying home at speeds of 50 mph from 100 to 600 miles. These birds, highly bred and expertly trained, are the world's greatest marathoners. See unique aerial footage of birds in competition. See intimate glimpses of the life cycle of pigeons. See footage from some of the world's premier lofts. Over Two & A Half Hours of viewing enjoyment! This is a best buy on the sport of homing racing pigeons and show pigeons. Explains the sport, origins, the past and present. Very knowledgeable, informative and enjoyable. A beautiful job and entertaining too
The World Of Pigeons - featuring "Oldest Feathered Friend" and "Marathon in the Sky"
Share The Blue Sky - I have volume 1, 2 and 3. Stories of the Bird of Peace Over five hours on 3 DVD's. Takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the pigeons and doves. Filmed on five continents and in 19 countries, "Share the Blue Sky" is the longest, most comprehensive documentary ever made on mankind’s oldest feathered friend
Where Pigeon Go To Die - A heartwarming story of love and respect between a young boy, Hugh, and his aging Grandfather. Art Carney portrays the sagely Da, whose continuing joy is the time spent with his grandson. Michael Landon plays Hugh at age 50. Planning to sell Da's home to a land developer, he is troubled by memories of his grandfather. He remembers how in awe he was of his grandfather's wisdom and how he hung on Da's words as he unraveled some of the mysteries of life
Racing Pigeon In Paradise, Bali – By English enthusiasts, this fascinating video shows the Balinese as they train their Racing pigeons in their own unique way. This is an interesting look at how this popular sport is carried out on the other side of the world. There are many useful tips, and some excellent photography of a very beautiful country. This Video lasts for approximately 30 minutes
Racing Pigeon DVD - UK Masters - I have Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4. Over 6 hours of top pigeon tips! Running time approx 90 minutes each DVD. Rob Woolliss, the BHW Eyesign scribe and renowned feature writer has produced for you these very informative programs visiting the lofts of some very successful UK pigeon racers
Simply The Best - I have Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The now late, British Homing World journalist, David Walker (a marathon and extreme distance flyer in his own right), takes you on an in-depth tour around some of the top British lofts. David gives you an insight into what makes these fanciers successful in the sport. You will hear and see them describe their methods, systems and feeding tips. Look, listen and learn from the fanciers who can be called "Simply the Best...." David Walker's own pigeon management skills have brought him success at all distances. Through these loft visits, David hopes to pass on valuable information and tips that every flyer, whatever their level, will find useful. Run Time: 87 minutes for each DVD
Winners - I have Volume 1 and 2. #1 DVD is about Trevor Taylor of Marsay (Taylor and Robinson) Widowhood Flyer. #2 DVD is about Brian Stevenson of Toton, Nottingham, Widowhood System Flyer
SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL – I have volume 1 and 2
De Kampionen – the champions
A Fanciers Fancier
Around Antwerp With Dave Allon
Homing Pigeon – from 1970, filmed in UK and shows the history of racing
Continental Breeding Station – Elite Breeders, shows many different birds in their lofts, catalogue
Continental Breeding Station – shows many different birds in their lofts, 1995 catalogue
World Class Pigeons - Featuring the lofts and birds of Gaby Vandenabeele, Colijn/Ganus Partnership and Koen Minderhoud. Professionally made. 2 hrs. long
"The Ultimate" And Breeders From The Loft of Chris Peeman & Sons
Fly Away Home
Racing Pigeons – Sport Of Kings
Duiven Voeders Bosmolen – it’s in English language and it shows how to get started in pigeons and how to find good birds and many other things about the sport
3 Different Videos From USA – They show many different lofts and interview a lot of good breeders and show their loft set ups, also shows a lot of big races, very informative, very long videos
The Sky’s The Limit – show many different breeders in Europe and their lofts, very long video, teaches you a lot of things
Racing Homers From China – shows a lot of breeders from china and interviews them. This DVD is 7 hours long. The pigeon program is called "Pigeon Navigation" they travel all over the world but mostly in China and also some other countries like Belgium and Holland
Secrets Of Champions – volume 1 and 2, Filmed in Holland, Belgium, Ireland, England & the USA and featuring some of the world’s longest winning fanciers; Ireland’s Ronnie Williamson, England’s Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland and Holland’s legendary Ad Schaerlaeckens and more. Ten chapters, over 90 minutes with special features including the phenomenal secret of "the throat". Lets you in on what the champions say is the most important month in your year. They talk about their breeding systems and how they select their feeds. But that is only part of what you'll learn from these experts. You'll also hear how they use natural substances to keep their birds in top shape. Plus, you'll learn how dramatically Old Bird racing is changing in the heart of the heaviest competition in the pigeon sport
VIDEO #1 - Features the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk Belgium, Jos Van Limpt of Reusel Netherlands, and a fine collection of Janssens. Ad Schaerlaeckens of Baarle-Nassau Netherlands, champion young bird specialist and the author of the Janssen Brothers Book. Rene Truyen of Beerse Belgium, another fine family of Janssen birds. Antoine Jacops of Vorselaar Belgium, numerous provencial and national championships and ace pigeons flying in the prestigious Union Antwerp. Victor Christaens - the 1987 Short Distance Champion of Belgium. Filmed in 1985 and 1987. All the following videos # are 2 hours long
VIDEO #2 - Features some of the most widely recognized names in the sport of racing pigeons. Karl Meulemans, George Van Reil, William Geerts, Michael VanHee and George Fabry. Some of these families are the bases of many of the strains that exist today. Filmed in 1986
VIDEO #3 - Visits fanciers from Germany, Wilhelm Wulfmeyer and H. Nordmeyer. From the Netherlands, Wal Zoontjens, many times provencial champion with a family of birds based on Janssens and Louis VanLoon birds. Leo Broeckx, award winning fancier in the HAFO Turnhout province with a Hofkens based family of birds. Filmed in 1987
VIDEO #4 - Looks at Valentin Muller of Germany, top fanicer with a family of red Janssens. Houben & Son, one of the top lofts in the Antwerp Union, over the course of the years winning almost every top award there is, specializing in middle distance. Piet Manders, one of the top racing lofts in Belgium, winning many national races. Jef Schelekens, one of the highly regarded long distance specialists of the Netherlands. Filmed in 1987
VIDEO #5 - A look at the loft of Gerhard Schepporst from Germany with a Meuleman based family. Hans Eijerkamp of the famous Pondersoa Stud. Andre Roodhooft, top award winner in the Antwerp Union. Jos Leuris, top champion in the Union Tilburg and Fond Union in Holland. Filmed in 1988
VIDEO #6 - A look at the loft of Houben & Son, where the winning tradition continues. Also featuring Andre VanBruaene, a Belgian long distance specialist often dubbed "Mr. Barcelona". A visit to the loft of another long distance specialist in Belgium, the Overall Champion of Belgium KBDB 1988, Thomas Peeters. VanLier Brothers, a middle distance champion, also a top performance loft in Antwerp Union. Filmed in 1989
VIDEO #7 - Features Louis Van Hove of Merksplas Belgium. Awarded as the best short distance loft in Belgium in 1988. A look at the loft crowned King of Union Antwerp more times than any other fancier in the history of the sport, Van Rhijn Kloeck. Louis VanLoon of Poppel, Belgium, one of the finest families of birds in the history of the sport. Jan Grondelaers, the well known Hofkens/Janssen strain of birds. Filmed in 1989
VIDEO #8 - This video travels to Germany to visit Raymund Hermes, a loft with numerous international race winners. To Holland, Theo Hartogs, a Janssen family, national race winners. Roger Persoons, bred 1st Ace Pigeon 1990 Middle Distance of Belgium, VIKING. Ludo Claessens, the 1st National Champion of Holland. Also, Michel Delen, top fancier with a Meuleman based family. Vander Flaes of Holland, a red Janssen based family. Filmed in 1990
VIDEO #9 - Race day at loft of Houben & Son for National Bourges. Then Louis Deleus, a top old bird and young bird flier in Belgium. Golden Pigeon Award in 1988. Edmund Tournier, a successful fancier in Belgium flying his own family of birds for over 50 years. Thei Bours, one of the up and coming lofts of Belgium. Victor Christaens, the 1987 Short Distance Champion of Belgium. Ad Schaerlaeckens, well known cahmpion on provencial and national levels. Filmed in 1990
VIDEO #10 - Featuring Maurice Verheyen, the old Hofken's blood. Remi DeMey, an expert in flying hens widowhood. Gommaire Verbruggen, successful loft in Scherpenheuvel Belgium with special success in the National Bourges races. Theo Ijskout, top small loft in Belgium. Henk Kuijlaars, owner of the famous ROOIE APPIE, a family of red Janssens. Filmed in 1991
VIDEO #11 - Featuring superstars from the south of Belgium, the Flaunders area. Gaby Vandenbeele , winner of 9 provencial 1st places in 1990 and the 1991 1st Champion Middle Distance of Belgium. Jacques Catteeuw, the 1998 1st Long Distance Champion of Belgium KBDB and the 1990 World Champion. Silvere Toye, the 1991 Champion Long Distance of Belgium. Also the loft of Robert Venus, a breeding loft of only top performance birds including Meulemans, Hofkens, ace pigeons
VIDEO #12 - From the loft of Norbert Norman of Werstkapelle Belgium, a look at a collection of numerous provencial and National Ace Pigeons and race winners. A visit to the loft of Raoul & Xavier Verstraete in Gent Belgium. Another family of super racers with both provincial and national awards and ace pigeons. Also a look at Hoc VanHelmont, a top long distance specialist, 600 miles +. Winner of four 1st National places in one year. Then a visit to the 1991 King of Union Antwerp - Andre VanDaele-Jans. Filmed in 1991
VIDEO #13 - A more recent look at the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk Belgium. An update on the breeders and the race team. Eddy Leutenez, winner of 2 National races, Provencial Champion in 1989, 1990 and 1991. Serge VanElsacker, Jepsen, winner of 1990 Golden Duif Championship. Harry Kennes, winner of 2 First National Orleans. Also placed 13 in top 26 positions National Bourges. Then take a look at possibly the best breeding cock in the history of the sport, THE BULL 777. Then to the loft of Cor Hanegraf, home of the 1991 Ace Youngster of All Holland with the most points ever achieved in the history of the sport. Cor Hanegraf was also the 2nd National Champion of Holland in 1986, 1990 and 1991. Van Hove Uytterhoeven, one of Belgium's top racing and breeding lofts. Harry Boxmeer, the 1990 and 1991 1st Provencial Champion against 5,000 fanciers. Filmed in 1992
VIDEO #14 - A visit to the country of Taiwan. A look at the lofts and systems used on the other side of the world. Unique loft designs due to the moderate climate and limited real estate. Also glimpses of the Taiwanese culture, countryside, city life and typical market area. Filmed in 1992
VIDEO #15 - Seminar of the 1992 American Racing Pigeon Union Convention held in Hawaii. Features the international panel of: Hans Eijerkamp, Jeff Horn, Luc Houben, Henk Kuijlaars, Serge VanElsacker and Gommaire Verbruggen. This video was filmed by a member of the audience so it does move around more than we may have liked but we feel the information relayed by this prestigious panel is very valuable and beneficial. Filmed in 1992
VIDEO #16 - A visit with Sylvain 'd Hondt, a legend in the West Flaunders region with results every fancier can dream about. Roger Desmet Matthije, a family of pigeons we have all heard about. Learn the story from the beginning to present on how this fantastic family of winners originated. Then to the loft of Oscar Verstichel, the man with the toughest 1 day long distance pigeons in Belgium. Mike Ganus says of this loft, "The best long distance family of pigeons of Belgium also tops as youngsters!" Finally a look at Antoon & Lucy VanderWegen, known as the Janssen Brothers of Holland at long distance. 75% of all distance winners have VanderWegen blood crossed in them
VIDEO #17 - A video on 3 of the top racing lofts of Holland. Lamers v/d Linden, a Janssen based loft, winner of 1st Place National Montlucon. Also the loft of Ad Schaerlaeckens, one of Holland's top old and young bird racers of all time, as he tells all. Finally the loft of Joop Koch, the 1st Champion Middle Distance of All Holland for 1995 Old Birds
VIDEO #18 - A video featuring the loft of Aart Ouweerkerk & Kees Van Hemert, known as the H & O Loft. One of the top racing lofts in Holland. Bred the famous SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699. In 1996, this loft won 1st and nine early prizes in National Bourges. Then the loft of Willem de Bruyn, the #1 loft of Holland in 1995. Winner of 1st National Ace Pigeon All Holland. This loft has bred more national ace pigeons than any other loft in Holland. The loft of Herman van Helmond, the flying Dutchman that moved to Belgium. A long distance specialist that can teach anyone a few tricks on selecting distance pigeons. A special new system on racing hens at long distance. Then the loft of Louis Stabel, Champion Young Bird racer of Holland in 1990. Winner of 1st Place National Orleans 1986 and 1st Place National Orleans 1992. In 1996, winner of 2nd Place National Orleans in old birds against 14,911 birds
Legend Breeders
1) Leen Boers – young bird specialist of Holland
4) The Koopman Story
5) Spence & Nicholls – the welsh wizards
6) The Best Of Holland- a day with the champion (Peter Van Dan Eunden)
7) European Winners – 1989
Cool The Best Of British With Tony Cowan
13) Paul Smith – Regency Lofts
14) Visit to Sam Limbo in Arizona
15) Pigeon Talk From The Loft Of Chris Peeman & Sons
16) Silver Toye
17) Continental Breeding Station - Tour of CBS Lofts
1Cool Felix Pauwels – Ace Belgian Sprint Champion
19) Looking To Improve
20) Simply Decroix – shows his famous family of pigeons called "Supercracks"
25) Oak Haven Farms
26) Serge Van Elsacker - Methods Update
27) Georges Van Riel - Son of Jef Van Riel. History of the HVR strain, Belgium
2Cool Leo Van Rijn - Top Racer and Breeder of Keizer, including special feature of CBS Keizer birds
29) The Mardis Van Elsacker Loft in Belgium - Special feature on Belgium Long Distance Racing
30) Willy Van Hekken
31) Koopman & Son - Van Loons at their very best, a close look at their birds and lofts in Holland
32) Van Dijke &Traets - Features two of the best, a close look at their birds and lofts in Holland
33) Jos Heymans & Son - Interview about his best birds and racing methods. Plus a visit at his club
34) Machiel Buijk - Shows his Aarden's and his loft. Reviews Holland's long distance races in Holland
35) Albert Derwa - Gives detailed information about his health program, training, and motivation in Belgium
1) Keep Them Healthy
2) MEDICO INFO – Up to the minute advice on the latest European research in pigeon diseases is translated into a one-hour overview that is both easy to understand and extremely informative. Even the most knowledgeable fanciers will find this video enlightening
3) Ask The Vet – The Son From The Herbots Family
4) Dr. Rudi Hendrikx - Top Belgium vet, discusses his loft, birds & pigeon health
Racing Systems
1) Why Widowhood Pigeon Racing
2) Why Widowhood
4) Widowhood At Any Distance – features 3 of the best breeders in UK
5) Tips For Widowhood & Young Birds
6) Widowhood Ways With M & D EVANS MYRTLE LOFTS
10) Classical Widowhood – from Continental Breeding Station
11) Dual Widowhood - Brings new insight into this unique system and features detailed filming of the loft design, from Continental Breeding Station
12) Fundamentals of Young Bird Racing - Raising and racing young birds, conditioning, training, racing and medication, from Continental Breeding Station
13) Young Bird Lighting System 2000 - New Video, with the latest updates, from Continental Breeding Station
14) Breeding Futurity Winners - CBS's Methods for Breeding
15) Old Bird Racing Old Bird Racing by Mike Ganus - A three hour video on Old Bird Racing which explains a system that has produced highly successful race results, a system that will raise the level of old bird racing to a higher dimension. You will watch the preparation of the team and learn how to bring the birds into top condition and health and how to reach the highest level of motivation in the birds, motivation as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 12th places from 500 miles. That's motivation! Learn what to look for in selecting your team for the races. The video also shows the newest vitamins used to achieve super form as well as the proper use of medications. The video covers the following topics. * How to bring the birds into top condition and health * Motivating the racers * Selecting the team for the race * Selecting feeds * Proper use of medications and vitamins * Training schedules * Tips on a healthy and sound loft. This video shows and explains everything - health, training, feed, medications, and motivation. It will teach both the new and the experienced fancier the new road to success
16) Darkening System with Young Birds by Mike Ganus - Learn the complete explanation of the Modern System of young bird racing using the darkening system. Presented by Mike Ganus, the video covers the following topics: * Timetables for darkening the loft * How to hold the molt through the race season * Taking the birds through the molt after the race season * Motivating the racers * Complete feeding program * Medication and vitamins schedule * Training system * Loft design * Preparing birds for the breeding system * Advice on how to get all your breeders to lay within a couple of days * How to vaccinate birds by yourself. This video presents all the components of this successful young bird racing program that utilizes the darkening system - a system that is widely used throughout Europe and now being used in the United States. To say that the system is successful would be an understatement. The results achieved by fliers using these methods are unparalleled. Quite simply, a video that will teach both the new and the experienced fanciers a NEW road to success
1Cool Natural Ways
19) Tips On Feeding
20) Tips On Racing
21) Racing Pigeons – System X
22) Training Young Birds
23) The Light System – The Light and Dark of Young Bird Racing At the 1994 AU Convention race Sampson Brothers showed about 50 European and American fanciers, which were at his loft, how good their system is. They not only won 1st and 2nd, but put 7 in the top 10 in this very difficult race. In 1993 Sampson Brothers set a new World record by winning 1st thru 9th positions New England Open 300 Vs 4869 pigeons, 10 minutes ahead. Not even in Europe has a feat like this been accomplished with this amount of pigeons competing
26) Puget Sound Concourse Seminar Part 2 – Double Widowhood + Young Bird Methods
27) Bob Rowland Loft "World Class Performance Pigeons" – Old Bird Lazy System
2Cool Bob Rowland Loft "World Class Performance Pigeons" – Young Bird Lazy System
29) How To Race Pigeons the "Davo" Way
30) The Marc Roosens Way
31) Continental Breeding Station – Young Bird Lighting
32) Secrets Of Champions – I have volume 1 and 2
33) Racing Pigeon Pictorial – Loft visits to champion winning fanciers also the widowhood methods of midlands ace of Len Hopton and many others. I have volume 1, 2 and 3
35) Andre Roodhooft - New loft in Belgium with the latest ideas and technology about racing methods for young and old birds
Eye Sign
1) Eye Sign – The Ultimate Collection
2) Eye Sign From The Emerald Isles
3) Fountainhead Eye Sign
5) Australian Violets - An Eye sign Extravaganza From The Land Down Under
Showing And Performing Pigeon Videos
Even though you don’t know the language, it’s always nice to see pigeons from around the world, or you can find a friend who can translate it for you and maybe you will learn something.
Like I said before I can find you any kind of pigeon video and in any kind oflanguage and about any kind of pigeon breed, just call me or email me. Thanks
1) VDT – showing a lot of breeds in Germany
2) Showtime – showing many different breeders around the world, in German language and English
3) Pigeons from Jordan – the background is only music there’s no talking but it shows many different breeds, this video is home made
4) 2 Videos From Albania – I did these videos myself, again there’s no talking but they are very nice videos
5) 5 DVDs from Serbia – they are about Serbian High Flyers, they interview the best breeders over in Serbia and talk about everything, they are over 2 hours long
6) The Flying Birmingham Roller Pigeon
7) All England Roller Fly – 1988
Cool Rick Schoening’s Visit to England – 1987, it’s about Birmingham Rollers
9) Texas 1995 Birmingham Roller World Cup Fly – lofts +home of James Perri
10) Slow Motion – roller footage
11) Bill Pensom’s Movies – volume 1 and 2, about Birmingham Rollers
12) Middle Eastern Pigeon Breeders – volume 1 and 2, these videos are filmed in Egypt and are in Egyptian, mostly about Egyptian Swifts
13) Duel in the Sky Video - The 1-hour VHS home video is designed to give full understanding of the Egyptian Swift as a powerful flyer with homing ability. The unparalleled colors and majestic appearance of the Egyptian Swift complement the demonstration of those two qualities
14) Tipplers – the ultimate flyers, I have 2 DVDs on this breed, very helpful if you want to compete with tippler, these DVDs are filmed by the best in USA, he is number one
15) Spanish Pouters – shows many different breeds and it’s in Spanish, from Spain
16) Laudino Selivano – shows everything about this breed, also in Spanish language
17) 1998 NPA National Show – shows a lot of different breeds and interviews with the best breeders
1Cool 2005 Bahrain – from Arabia but in English, very good video done professionally, talks about Bokhara trumpeters, Jacobins, and Indian Fantails, also shows more different breeds at the end, very long video 2 hours and 15 minutes
19) A to Z Of Showracers
20) The Genetics Of Birmingham Roller
21) Pigeon DVD NPA Lancaster National January 2005 - see every aisle, judging areas, vendors; see and hear the Thai Laughers and Arabian Trumpeters. 1 full hour. I have 2 DVDs and they are also about American Standard Fantails, these 2 DVDs show all the color classes and a lot more. The best DVDs I have for show breeds
22) Spanish Thief Cropper - July 2004, November 2004, August 20004, 3 DVDs on Spanish croppers made in Holland so it’s in Dutch and some Spanish, but the content on the way they fly these birds is outstanding so well worth a look if you like seeing birds fly. Lots of loft visits and the birds flying, all the different styles
23) The German Owl – shows everything about the breed
24) Donek Training Video - A comprehensive, informative and entertaining how to on Donek training
I have pigeon posters, prints and rugs for sale
they are of single breeds or multiple breeds or 1 breed with many different colors and patterns
I have all these items with any pigeon breeds you want
just email me
Poster: 8x12 $7
Poster: 8x14 $10
Poster: 11x14 $15
Poster: 16x20 $20
Poster: 20x30 $30
Poster: 24x36 $40
Softball Sports Ball $35
Hockey Puck Sport $35
25 Piece Puzzle $35
Clipboard $40
Wall Clock $50
Serving Tray $55
Award Plaque $35
Magnet 3x4 $25
Business Cards (Set of 100) $40
Blanket $100
Blanket with color $200
Calendar 8.5x11 $30
11x14 Canvas Wrap $70
16x20 Canvas Wrap $85
18x24 Canvas Wrap $100
Greding Cards 5x7 with Envelopes (Set of 20) $35
8x9 With color mouse pad $25
Coffe Mug $25
8.25" China Plate $40
Playing Cards $30
Gloss Poster 20x30 $40
11x14 Canvas Print $45
16x20 Canvas Print $75
20x30 Canvas Print $100
Beach Towel $45
Huge Rugs as big as your walls $275
And any other kind of clothing
I have all kinds of things with pigeon pictures

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